Tips, Tricks and Turkeys

Baltimore creatives–
Do you know a quick key command that instantaneously kerns your slab-serif type, aligns your vector objects, batch processes your photos, and outputs the file in a debossed spot-metallic hard bound folio viewable on the ipad? Neither do we, but we’re hoping someone out there can share a tip or a trick that is just as cool.

The Production Club of Baltimore is looking for local creatives in design, production, and marketing to share in 5 minutes or less a tip, a trick, or a story about a project that went horribly wrong (or nearly did). We know this town has a cornucopia of awesome creatives and we’d love for everyone to come together to share anything that they think is relevant to design, production, and marketing. We’ve already lined up peeps to talk about browser plugins, watermarking images for social media, international etiquette in marketing, digitally printing white ink, and how to get sued through facebook contests.

It’s going to be a blitz of ideas and anecdotes and just about anything goes. If you’d like to be part of the lineup, send us your name and title as well as the topic you’d like to discuss. You’ll get free admission to the event (which includes food and drinks), insight into how your peers work, and a few glorious minutes in the spotlight. The event is scheduled for Nov. 15 at Max’s (mmm, belgian beeeeeeeeer) in Fells Point.

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