Thanks for Coming Out to Tips, Tricks and Turkeys

We hope you had as much fun as we did at our Tips, Tricks and Turkeys event last night. It wouldn’t have been possible without all of our lovely members, attendees, SPEAKERS, and of course our hosts Pat(Dave Stock) and Vanna(Joann Ather).

A special thanks to MacMedics who provided an iPod Nano door prize. Another awesome-special thanks to Orange Element for providing their creative wrapping paper sets to some lucky attendees. Thanks also to Andrew Murphy for providing some Flying Frog gifts as well.

Just a quick shout-out to all of the speakers and links to any information they wanted to provide for the masses:
Marcie Devries – Social Media Nightmare
Andrew Murphy of Flying Frog Publishing – Overseas Production
Ron Ordansa of Crosby – Spoke about using Style Tiles.
Maili Godwin of Boris & Company – Batch Processing Photos with watermarks for social media.
Andy Bonner of Orange Element – How to work with texture in your design.
Randy Dorman of Baltimore Color Plate – Print Techniques & Tricks, InDesign document setup and a direct mail Turkey.
Lucas Hanyok of The Cyphers Agency – Web Browser Extensions and Add-Ons – Find the add-ons here on his blog.
Jessica Watson of JWatson Creative – “Working with Clients” –

Thanks again, and we’ll see everyone at the 2012 Holiday Party on December 6th!

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