Robert Bennett

Robert Bennett

Clients today are seeking designers who can make their impact on the bottom-line. While aesthetics are still important, value comes with a designer who can offer insight into brand and marketing strategy as well as lead the creation of visuals to execute the strategy of the business. This is exactly the value RB Brand+Design brings to clients. My track record in visual marketing and international branding, particularly in the financial services sector, has helped enhance the reputations of such firms as Deutsche Asset Management, DB Real Estate, Art Litho Printing Solutions, Inc. and non-profits like GOAL (Giving Open Access to Learning), P.A.C.T (Parents and Children Together) and the Institute of Notre Dame to name a few. If you seek a designer who really understands the needs of your business, please contact me for a presentation or proposal.

Name: RB Brand+Design
Address: 4 West Churchill Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
Phone: 410-258-2543

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