Rob Holmes

Rob Holmes
3D Illustration/Animation, Photgraphy

Even before his days in NC State School of Design, Rob Holmes was drawn to the power of creating images that express what words alone cannot. He began his career as a commercial photographer in 1981, compiling an impressive portfolio of celebrities, product and food shots. Special effects, however, became both his hallmark and passion. It was this love for special effects that led to his evolution as a 3D artist.

In 1995, Rob founded NVision, a 3D design and animation firm with production capability ranging from photorealistic illustrations to virtual architectural walk-throughs. NVision’s clients rely on Rob to bring their concepts, products, communications and buildings to life – whether the project is already tangible or still in blueprint stage. His skill as a photographer enables him to seamlessly integrate the reality with the vision.

For Towson University, for example, NVision created an elaborate animation for a 10-year renovation plan that propelled the Board of Regents to greenlight the project immediately. Rob photographed the entire campus, developed animation from the proposed blueprints that showed precisely how the new buildings would appear in relation to existing structures and even foliage, and allowed the decision-makers to “see” the results a decade before anticipated completion.

When he’s not in the studio, Rob can be found bailing out friends and colleagues from their computer jams or on the water. An avid sailor, he recently completed a racing vessel voyage from St. Maarten to Annapolis. Eight days at sea left him filled with inspiration and ideas – and ready to empower your next project.

Name: NVision
Address: 214 Gaywood Road
Baltimore, MD 21212
Phone: 410-377-6748

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