Small Bizness

It may have been a bit wet out but that didn’t keep our speakers from bringing some very helpful information to small business owners and individual proprietors at PCB’s There’s No Bizness Like Small Bizness on Wednesday October 24th.

Baze Vitiri of Sunbelt Advisors spoke of Exit Strategies and when to begin planning, how to prepare and market your business so you can get the most out of it when you decide to retire or move on.

Darby Simmons of Smith Barney helped us to understand the many different types of retirement plans available to small businesses.

Marc Friedman of Friedman & Associates discussed how important it is to review and understand a financial statement. Not only to know where you business stands today but also to help you plan the future.

Margie Carbella of Camden Benefits discussed the new options in health insurance plans.  There are new plans that can possibly reduce costs to employers and employees.

Thanks so much to our speakers for taking their time to share this information with PCB members and guests. And thanks to Maggie Mills for making the arrangements to bring these speakers together.

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