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Profiles is a unique staffing firm specializing in marketing, creative, and interactive. For over eight years, we have served the needs of our Clients and Talent by matching the best candidates with the best companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. You could say we are the match.com of the creative staffing world. Through a thorough examination of our Clients’ businesses’, we determine the personality type and skill set needed to succeed in the position, and then we match these criteria to one of our Talent with pinpoint accuracy. Talent are able to meet with a Profiles team member to discuss the direction of their career and where they would like it to go, ensuring a complete understanding of what the Talent is looking for in an employer. It is through this process of in-depth examination that Profiles is able to be effective in our industry. Profiles saves Clients’ time and money with our efficient processes and accurate techniques of matching the right Talent to the right job, and the Talent benefits from having a team of recruiters working to find them the job that best fits their career goals.


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Printergy® is a digital services provider. We work with audio, video and data assets to bring new life to media. We are equipment intensive and we can digitize almost any type of audio/video/data source, create MPEGx, web and iPod-ready audio/video and author DVDs to meet your requirements.

In addition, we provide CD, DVD and VHS duplication services with custom on-disc ink jet printing with laser printed packaging. Lastly, we maintain audio and video production equipment, data storage devices, and scanning/imaging equipment.

Printergy Digital Services
2066 York Road, Suite 205
Timonium, MD 21093