PaperJam 2006 Contributors

Poster Design
Scott Sugiuchi
Poster Paper Donation
Finch Paper
Diana Sugiuchi
Carl Nielson
Oliver Munday
Poster Printing
Graphtec, Inc

Poster Mailing
Marketing Partners, Inc.
9385 Gerwig Lane, Suite E
Columbia, MD 21046
We offer an array of services when it comes to mailings. We can start by finding you the right mailing list based on employee size, sales volume, industry and many other delimiters. Then, we will gladly hand-sign each individual letter giving it a much more personal appearance. We will also adhere postage to each envelope, postcard, newsletter…which also gives your mailing a more personal touch, therefore an opportunity for repeat business. Bulk rates are also available.
Database set-up and management
Labels (printing and adhering)
Addressing envelopes (by hand or printed)
Printing letters and hand-signing
Adhering postage
Adhering wafer seals
Telemarketing Consultation
Our telemarketing services are designed to teach companies to form new leads and follow-up with prospects and past or current clients. Addresses, contacts, and all other pertinent information is verified during each phone call to better your chances of reaching the person who is most likely to do business with you. If you have not developed a script, we will gladly customize a script that is right for your business.
Script writing Telemarketing Consultation Setup