2006 Environment, Global Warming & You

September 14, 2006

PCB and RIS Paper were very excited to be able to bring you this event. There was a very interested and environmentally aware audience in attendance.

First, RIS Paper presented, allowing PCB members and guests to be the very first viewers of this powerful video, “We Are All Smith Islanders” A documentary showing the effects of global warming on Smith Island here in Maryland. Natives and long time residents of the island talk about the changing landscape and the effects of global warming on their lives and jobs, the harvesting of oysters and Chesapeake bluecrab.
Derek Smith, Consultant on Paper and the Environment and full time consultant to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) presented staggering statistics about how global warming is affecting our world and how it relates to paper and the printing industry. He explained that being an environmentalist is a philosophy not a part time venture. It starts at the core and is something that has to followed through by all of us….from the paper mill, to the designer, to the printer, to the final end user.

PCB thanks Derek Smith and Barry Tollenger of RIS Paper for their presentation.

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