Let’s Get Digital!

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Let’s Get Digital! was a warm but exciting evening.

While enjoying drinks and waiting for the air conditioning to be repaired we enjoyed the cool evening air and watched the warehouse fire in Canton from the 5th floor balcony of the Admiral Fell Inn. Once the room cooled down a little bit we moved inside, enjoyed the buffet and our main event.

Jeff Dowd from HP spoke of the many exciting products that can be produced digitally – from postage stamps to marketing collateral, POS to signage. And even special techniques such as spot matte varnishes, which are now available.

Web to print was discussed and how this can reduce costs by eliminating warehousing of materials while keeping your brand usage consistent. This method can be set up and used by multiple locations such as franchises, remote sales people and regional offices.

Jeff described how using the correct variable data and graphics can increase the response to your next direct mail project.

Thanks Jeff for sharing your knowledge and great samples.

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