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If you would like to submit job postings, event information, company or industry news, items for sale or items of interest for publication in the PCB e-newsletter, send your information to

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PCB E-Newsletter is distributed every 2 weeks. Prior to each event, PCB sends out Email Alerts noting the event date, time, location and other event details. If you would like to be added to our email list, click the link below.

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Event Ideas & Volunteers Needed

Want to volunteer time for event planning, event design, direct mail design, or to assist with administrative functions, contact

We are always looking for fresh, new ideas for events for our members and guests. Do you have a subject you would like to know more about? Have you recently heard a speaker that had useful information to share, something our industry needs to know more about? It could be industry specific or perhaps financial, time management or a host of other interests that affect our work day.

Maybe you would like to volunteer your time to help us plan or coordinate an event or design an image for our website for an upcoming event or direct mail piece.

Come on….don’t be shy, drop us an email with your suggestion or desire to volunteer,

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Membership rates and our application can be found under our Membership section but if you are would like additional information about new membership, send an email to

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An email will be sent to all current members prior to membership expiration along with a renewal application but if you would like additional renewal information send an email to


PCB does send out a mailing prior to the Paper Show and possibly 1-2 other mailings per year. If you would like to be included in these mailings, please send your Company Name, Name, and Full Mailing Address to

PCB highly recommends you place each of the PCB email addresses noted above in your email address book so you do not miss any of our emails. We have found that our emails generally get routed to SPAM and BULK folders so PLEASE look for our notifications there if you elect not place our email addresses in your address book.

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